Is your garage piled to the roof with junk? Over and done with the hoarding phase? Or maybe you just bought a new house and it came with a bonus room full of odds and ends. Whatever the case may be, Trash Bandicoot can take care of it. We can load up your pile of junk or rubbish and haul it off to the landfill. Call, book, pay, and forget. Leave the stinky, back-breaking work to us and our team of experienced garbage hauling experts. We try to respond to calls within 10 minutes of getting them and can even rush you service an hour after making initial contact with you! That's faster than pizza delivery!

Other Services

Have another project you this Trash Bandicoot would be of value for? Get in touch with us and propose it. We're always looking for ways to expand our business and help more people. We try to make 1 time customers, customers for life. Some examples of services we may consider are weekly garbage accounts for businesses or other industrial operators who don't like the price of paying for a big metal box to just sit on their property. Or, maybe you're a board member of a municipal government near Winnipeg, looking for a creative way to solve your town or Rural Municipality's weekly garbage pickup needs. Call us, we may be able to work a solution out.

In addition, we have an immense amount of experience doing handyman services in Winnipeg. If there was such thing as a Red Seal Handyman, our team is it. From residential renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, floors, or finishing; to commercial restaurant or general building maintenance, the team at Trash Bandicoot has experience to solve these nagging problems. And the tools, we've got tools coming out of our earballs to handle a wide variety of jobs. If we don't have the tool, we know where to find it or rent it. Many times our services are so good that we can reduce the booking time of certified trades, so they only have to the tricky parts and you can spend less money on their $100/hr+ rates, and more on our much more reasonable rates.

If you're thinking of projects around the house, give Trash Bandicoot a call. You won't regret it!



We're not just another ram and jam garbage business. We reside in the same community you do, so we do our best to incorporate environmentally green practices into our waste disposal procedures. We recycle as many materials as possible including scrap metal, car batteries, and some appliances. Our landfill diverting procedures go even further by finding a new home for any items that aren't ready for the dump yet. This could include furniture, appliances, or even high quality clothes that can be donated to shelters or other re-utilization programs to help those in need. By recycling we keep costs down, and contribute to a greener, more environmentally friendly community.


Trash Bandicoot | Junk Removal Winnipeg

Have a bunch of "junk" that isn't junked yet? Maybe an old floor that needs to be ripped up, or maybe even the whole wall! Our services sometimes carry over into small demolition jobs such as the ones described above. While we don't have an excavator to knock down an entire house, there's a good possibility we can help you with smaller projects on an hourly rate. If you have a project like this, get in touch with Trash Bandicoot Junk removal and see if we can help. We're always hungry to learn and try unique projects, so don't hesitate to ask us. 

Need to move some stuff? Maybe an old fridge to the college dorm room? Chances are, we can do that. While we aren't a white glove moving service, we certainly have the equipment and man power to move quite a load of stuff. From older furniture, to sod, to dirt, to concrete, to building supplies, there's a good chance Trash Bandicoot can haul it for you. Keep in mind for loose materials or debris it may need to be loaded with equipment or extra labor rates would occur. Dumping with our dump trailer makes the unloading process a snap. If you need something hauled, get in touch with us and we'll let you know if we can do it and do our best to give you a price estimate right on the phone.

Junk Removal Services for Winnipeg and surrounding area

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