Once we firm up a price or estimate, and appointment time, we will head out to your location and load up your junk. All the hard work of loading, consolidating, separating, and securing your junk on our trailers will be taken care of by our skilled technicians. No stink, no fuss, no muss! 

Once we finish, we'll drop an invoice in your mailbox or email you one to pay electronically. And it's as simple as that. In and out, and out of your mind. There's no simpler way to order Winnipeg junk removal services, than by hiring Trash Bandicoot. Get in touch with us today! 

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Winnipeg Junk Removal Services

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To order Trash Bandicoot's Junk Removal services, first gauge an idea of your load size and describe it to us the best you can. Ideally, you'll plan the junk removal at least a week in advance before calling us. This gives us time to schedule you in to a time that's efficient for us. Of course, we do offer urgent junk removal, but things always run smoother when you give us adequate time to plan. 

Once you've planned your hauling in advance, give us a call to discuss it. We'll use your own estimations of the amount of junk required to be removed, the type of junk, its location, the size of the items, and the urgency to give you a price. We may ask for pictures to confirm our pricing or simply give a phone estimate until actually seeing the items in person before offering a firm quoted price.

So you're looking for Winnipeg junk removal services? With all the choices, all the flakes, and all the different service types; choosing a Winnipeg junk removal provider can be a challenge. That's why Trash Bandicoot is here to save the day.

First thing is first. Reliability. Let's face it. Winnipeg junk removal companies are not known for being the most reliable services providers. Hauling junk is hard, dirty, stinky work; so often it attracts people who have no other option for work. When they do find a better gig than junk removal, they take the first exit stage left! But the professional technicians at Trash Bandicoot love helping people and disposing of junk in an eco-friendly manner. This helps us provide reliable junk removal services to you.

Winnipeg junk removal services


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