At Trash Bandicoot we'll estimate your price right on the phone, so you don't have to wait for someone to show up (or no-show, in the case of our competition). From there we strive to arrive at your property within an hour to remove your junk. Big, small, short, or tall, we do it all! 

Once our experienced garbage removal experts arrive at your property they will assess the best way to load and consolidate the garbage. On top of this, they'll give their surroundings the care and attention that you expect, so no damage occurs to your site during the loading process. It's not all brawn and no brains you know!

Once we've loaded up, we'll ensure your load is dropped at the proper waste management facility. But we go a step further! We recycle everything possible, including scrap metal. We also strive to keep the waste management facilities orderly by separating as much of the garbage as possible when we dump it. Being environmentally conscious helps us all live a greener life, and it starts with how we take out the trash. It should go without saying, but we certainly don't dump illegally like the guys who charge half of what we do. We ensure your trash is dumped where it is supposed to be. Our word is our bond.

Once you're completely satisfied with our junk removal services, we'll send you an invoice. We accept all methods of payment. We'll even take Canadian Tire money if you have it!

There are a lot of fly by night guys in this business, but Trash Bandicoot has been around for over 4 years. That's a track record that speaks for itself. We're not just another online flake, we're a legitimate company who cares about disposing of your waste with the greenest practices in the industry. Anyone can take out the trash, but it takes a special kind of person to do this kind of dirty work, and to do it with a smile. That's Trash Bandicoot.

Trash Bandicoot offers the friendliest junk removal services in Winnipeg. You'll observe this when you initially make contact with us regarding your required garbage removal. Our desire is to answer all phone inquires within 10 minutes--that is--if we even miss the call in the first place! We give you as much information as possible on the phone, and intricately walk you through the procedure of having us dispose of your waste. From your initial inquiry, to our arrival, loading and right up to payment; we make sure you understand exactly how our junk removal services work.

Junk Removal Winnipeg

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Junk Removal Winnipeg

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