Think it's too pricey to hire a garbage man to haul away your unwanted junk? Let us give you a hand with this do-it-yourself guide to take you through the steps and procedures of hauling your own garbage to the dump.

Junk Removal Guide

If you have the truck and/or trailer, the next step is to make sure your pile of junk will fit. There are 2 factors affecting load size:

-Physical volume of the garbage
-Weight of the garbage

Firstly, you'll have to be able to fit your pile of junk into your truck or trailer. There's no particular science to judging whether the pile will take 1, 2, or more loads to haul to the garbage dump. You will have to eyeball it the best you can. A great way to pack more items onto your vehicle is to break them up, and compact them into smaller pieces. This is especially valuable for furniture like chairs, tables, or bookshelves. Remember, your neighborhood garbage truck is a compactor truck, so you have to think like a human compactor too! Once you've compacted the items, it's a matter of playing Tetris to fit them all into the truck box or trailer space you have.

The next challenge you'll have is the weight of the junk. The more compact it is, the heavier you will be able to load your hauling equipment. Each truck and trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating which is isn't legally allowed to exceed. Another good parameter to follow is your truck's Payload rating. Without scales, you'll also have to ballpark the weight of the rubbish you're removing, to ensure it doesn't exceed these weight ratings of your equipment. It's also important to note that your local waste management facility will charge you dump fees based on how heavy your haul is.

All these factors to manage and we haven't even started loading the garbage yet! Seeing the value in hiring Trash Bandicoot Junk Removal to seamlessly solve your junk problems?

Junk Removal Winnipeg

Now it's time to get dirty! Start pulling items from the pile of waste and loading them onto your truck/trailer. Start breaking and consolidating the materials as you load, and constantly think of how you can fit the maximum amount of waste into each trip. That way you can take less trips! Work hard, be safe, drink lots of water, and take a rest break any time you need it. This is hard work!

Guide to garbage hauling

At last, you've entered the gates of your local waste management facility. In Winnipeg, the Brady Landfill gates have a weigh scale which will weigh your fully loaded vehicle upon entry. Then, you will weigh in again upon exit, and the difference in your weight will equal the weight of your load. You will be charged dump fees based on this number. Most other landfills across North America operate in a similar fashion but be sure to check with the operators for specifics.

Once you have weighed in, you're required to separate all of your waste materials and deliver them to the appropriate sections of the landfill. Organics like grass, leaves, or sticks will go to the compost section. Appliances go to the scrap metal section, tires to the tire section, and general other trash to the main landfill section. Watch for nails while inside the gates of the dump for both your feet and your tires.

Unload your garbage in the appropriate places and you've finished! Congratulations! You've successfully hauled a load of trash to the stinky dump.

Hauling garbage is not an easy job. So if you've hauled your own trash to the landfill and found it's not for you, or the thought of this experience makes you want to run for the hills; don't. Run straight into the friendly arms of Trash Bandicoot Junk Removal. We'll do all the dirty work and heavy lifting for you!

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The first thing you'll need is an appropriate vehicle to haul your junk. Most often this will either be a pickup truck, and/or a trailer. Trash Bandicoot doesn't recommend using your brand new chromed up King Ranch edition for hauling garbage to the dump. Between the clanging and banging of sharp or hardened items, to endless number of nails you'll be driving over once you actually enter the landfill, it's recommended to use a vehicle that has some life experience. If you don't have a suitable vehicle to haul rubbish, this is going to be a big problem and you should probably just call Trash Bandicoot Junk Removal to do the work for you!

Load Size

Waste Management Facility

Finally! It's all loaded and you're drenched in perspiration. Before you jump into the truck, you'll need to adhere to some more regulations; securing your load! You'll need to use multiple tie downs to make sure your load stays on the trailer and refrains from shifting. If you're hauling lots of loose debris waste like dirt, leaves, other small pieces, you're required to tarp your load so it doesn't exit the vehicle during transportation to the landfill. Double check all straps. Double check trailer lights/brakes are working. Once everything is secured, we're ready to go to the landfill.

Remember to drive carefully as the weight of your load will increase your braking distance. Leave more room to stop and more room between yourself and other vehicles. Also, refrain from constant lane changing. Take it slow, you'll make it.

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