Green Waste Disposal Tips

Whether cleaning out a pile of accumulated junk, or disposing of weekly waste from regular consumption, diverting waste is an important skill to implement to help contribute to a healthier environment to live in. There are numerous techniques that can be used to reduce the level of waste you send to the landfill, and it starts right from where you throw something out.

The first and most common method of waste diversion is recycling. Keep a recycling container handy to divert household waste like aluminum, plastics, and papers to be recycled. These items will be taken to your waste management facility and melted down for use again in new containers or paper products. It takes some adaptation to start recycling a high percentage of what would normally be discarded as garbage and thrown out.

The next highest portion of household waste from regular consumption is organics. These are items like spoiled food, food scraps, and yard waste. These materials are all compostable on your own or by a composting service like Samborski Garden Center. Composting these items lets them decay and be re-used as nutrient rich garden soil to grow more food! Another solution for scrap food—if you have a garburator—is to grind up the soft food content and wash it down the drain to be disposed of via municipal sewage waste disposal procedures.

If you think of all the items you typically throw into the garbage on a weekly basis, chances are over 80% of these items fall under the above categories. Diverting these items into the programs which re-untilize them like above is the first step to reducing the amount of garbage you dispose of. If we all pitch in, we can make our planet a greener and cleaner place to live for ourselves and future generations.

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Waste Disposal and Diversion

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