In Winnipeg, weekly garbage pickup only includes what you are able to fit into your City of Winnipeg waste bins. If you have more waste than you can fit into your garbage bin, you may need to seek alternatives. If your accumulation of trash is a one time event, you may be able “delay release” your garbage over a few weeks, chipping away at your excess pile one weeks where you haven't filled your bins to the top from regular weekly consumption.

However, if you have accumulated too much rubbish, it may be an idea to contact a waste disposal service like Trash Bandicoot to quickly resolve your garbage problem. This can also help ensure rodents or pests don't get into the trash, the rubbish doesn't start smelling up the neighborhood due to sitting for weeks, or other nasty side-effects of letting the trash sit for a long period of time. A garbage collection provider will haul the entire load of rubbish away at once, solving your problem quickly.

Another reason to hire a garbage collection company is for items that just won't fit into your garbage cans for regular weekly pickup. This especially applies to furniture like couches, beds, or tables. But it also applies to electronics which should not be thrown into your regular garbage pickup. Electronics should be recycled due to the dangerous metallic elements that can be present inside them. This also applies to hazardous materials like oils, fuels, or anti-freeze which should be recycled at a properly equipped facility.

A garbage collection service can ensure your environment footprint is reduced, your junk is removed quickly, and you don't have to do any of the work. It's simple peace of mind for you and your family. 

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