Giveaway weekend is a long standing tradition in Winnipeg. The basic idea is, everyone puts out all of their unwanted--but presumably still usable--items on their curb, and others go around shopping! All items are priced completely free. Gives new meaning to one man's trash is another man's treasure, now doesn't it? Typical items can range from appliances, to furniture to lawn and garden equipment, and many other great finds as well. The idea is a trifecta of brilliance. It saves the "giver" from paying to haul it away, saves the "receiver" from having to pay for an item they need, and keeps a perfectly working item still in use for society.

Giveaway weekend for unwanted items.

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Giveaway weekend tips

Giving away items to those who need them is just good common sense. But it falls into an actual system of proper waste management. We go through all of the steps one should take when getting rid of unwanted items in our guide for purging junk. This guide outlines the proper steps to take with unwanted items rather than just throwing them out. Of course giveaway weekend is a great first step, but should focus on items that are still in working and usable condition.

There's actually a lot of value in waste. Especially in scrap metal which is very easy to melt down and re-manufacture into other products and materials. Scrap metal can be worth as much as $110/ton, which is why you will often see metal scrappers loading up old appliances on giveaway weekend to take to the scrap yard in exchange for money. While it's advised to only place out items that are still usable, since these items are unwanted, they sometimes get taken to the scrap yard because of the demand for raw metals. This is still much better than being thrown away and ending up in the landfill.

There are other ways to get rid of unwanted items for free or even being paid. If you don't want to scrap your own items because you don't have the equipment, time, or energy to haul them to the yard, some services will come to you. We've compiled a resource list of free garbage removal for certain items by various agencies or organizations. This can be a great option to have items removed quickly and cheaply, and provide the organization with an item they have a variety of uses for.

Of course, a lot of junk does get put at the curbside on giveaway weekend. People too lazy to properly dispose of broken or unusable items and think they can leave them on the curbside for these items will magically disappear. Sometimes they do. But if they're junk, they often won't. If you've placed items at the curbside and they haven't been taken away and have no other method of diverting them from the dump, it's time to either load them up haul them off to the landfill yourself, or to call a junk removal company like us at Trash Bandicoot to take them away for you.

We make the process painless and ensure you haven't missed any waste diversion opportunities. We're an environmentally conscious company who looks for every opportunity to reduce, reuse, or recycle and have over 4 years of experience finding waste reduction methods that the common person may not know are available. So rest assured your problem will "disappear", but will do so in an ecologically acceptable manner.

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