Reducing waste production is an important practice to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable environment for everyone living in it. As a junk removal company, we try to reduce what we dispose of at the landfill, and divert as much materials to re-use programs as possible. One of those avenues is composting.

Composting can be achieved via many avenues, but the process is the same. In compost, organic materials are broken down--or rot--until they are a humus like material. In short, organics turn into garden quality soil! This process happens naturally but can occur artificially for specific purposes like waste reduction and soil production.

You can compost items like food scraps, spoiled food, and yard waste. For food scraps and spoiled food, it's good to have a composting container in your back yard to toss the leftovers into. This container will heat up and requires turning every so often to mix the materials and allow them to breathe. In this process the materials will get very hot, and begin to rot, completing the composting process. Usually this process can take multiple weeks or months. Moisture content is important, as is constant turning. Good moisture (not too much) and constant turning speed up the process.

The next most important source of compost is on yard waste. Yard waste accounts for the biggest amount of non garbage waste hitting landfills today. This can be anything from sticks from trees, to leaves from autumn season change, right down to the grass clippings from mowing your lawn. If you don't have capacity for your leaves in your compost, it's important to divert them to a facility that composts for you. The Brady Landfill does this on its own. 

One area you can control is diverting your grass clippings from mowing your lawn. Be sure to side discharge or mulch your grass when you cut it. This is called "Grass-cycling". The grass is shredded into tiny bits and drops down to the soil level of the lawn to being it's breakdown process. Not only does this divert waste, it also feeds your lawn for a greener fuller lawn, reducing your need for expensive fertilizers. Local Winnipeg lawn care companies like Hero Snow Removal & Lawn Care also grass-cycle where ever possible. On lawns they do bag clippings, they ensure the clippings are dropped off at a composting facility.

Keep these tips in mind and try to start changing the way you throw away. It takes time to change habits but if we all pitch in, we can make the planet a greener, cleaner and more sustainable place to live for generations to come.

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