The quick version, $80 a truck load $70 for each additional truck load. i can handle 4 truck load a call. multiple trucks on the road guys on stand by today thursday 7 may

I come, load up your trash and dispose of it properly. No help needed 
$80 a full truck load, includes all Commercial Dump fees. $80 Flat 
Additional loads can be added for $70. 

Look at my pictures you will see what a load looks like. 

E transfer, Credit card, cash or check accepted recipes provided

I'm often working, the best way to get in touch, text / E-mails. Phone calls are welcomed. All missed calls returned. 

We supply all jobs with receipts of payment. 

If we are booking multiple jobs, it takes on average 3.5 hours to do a complete run. Rarely unforeseen issues arise, please allow us + or – one hour from booking time. 

If you require removal of heavy items (dryer, love seat) please add $ 60 for another helper if you can't help yourself. (thats at cost for me)

I have a long truck box (5 and a half feet by 8 foot box) depending how high I stack the load that’s around 110 – 130 cubic feet 

To put that in perspective the average BFI bin behind a restaurant or apartment is 108 cubic feet. 

FYI - commercial dump fees are $61 a Ton.  You will not be charged dump fees. It’s factored in the flat rate or will be quoted in unique circumstances.

No shingles! Unless rent is due.  cost is $160 for the first 26 bundles. $90 for loads of 13 bundles. 

If the location for trash is in the north side of the city I have to add a gas and labor surcharge of $20 I do my best to combine jobs so I can keep costs down for you. Had to add this in because I was paying to take peoples trash away. 

You want the fair priced guy to stay in business don’t you!!




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