Junk Removal Winnipeg

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Being a junk removal company, we have the tools required to haul junk to the local landfill. From large trailers with heavy weight capacity, to trucks with capacity of their own, our services extend to general hauling as well.

Maybe you just purchased a new bedroom and living room set from IKEA. Or, maybe you need a load of sod hauled to your property for that lawn repair project you've been putting off for months. If it can fit in our trailer, we can haul it to your property. We can also haul and deliver large items to and from various locations around Winnipeg for your convenience. We can even do some minor or non-white-glove moving such as moving some old furniture into the new college dorm room.

It's important to keep in mind that our equipment is regularly used to haul junk to the landfill, as well as some garbage disposal, so they can be dirty. While we do our best to sweep and clean our gear as best as possible, there can sometimes be remnants from hauling waste. For this reason we suggest only moving items that require non-white glove service. Particularly items that are still in boxes, are wrapped, or can handle the moving process and endure a few bumps or scrapes along the way. 

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